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Solo Travel Tips for Greece

Our creative director Lucia has spent the last few weeks working remotely and solo-travelling through the Greek islands, in today’s journal post she shares her top tips for solo travel in this beautiful part of Europe.

Being able to work remotely is a blessing, and whilst not everything has gone to plan this year (I should be in Bali with the rest of the Ode & Rae girls right now) it was important to me to make the most of travel whilst it was possible. Greece is a stunning destination and high on my list when I spontaneously booked this month long adventure – still warm in september, gorgeous beaches and even more beautiful old towns. 

After falling in love with Mykonos some years ago, I decided to discover some more of the Cycladic islands: Paros and Milos. Whilst it’s quieter than usual this year, the Cyclades are still a great option for solo travel. Here’s my best tips for traveling solo in places like this.


One of the best things about solo-travel is being able to do whatever you want, whenever you want. Indulge in the fact you can spend your mornings testing out gorgeous brunch spots in the old town (Naoussa is my favourite town in Paros) and your afternoons soaking up sun at the beach. Or, if being active is your thing, wake up early and hike the hills for sunrise. Solo travel gives you the opportunity to design your perfect trip and personally, I have the room to appreciate little details I may have missed travelling in a group. Having extra time with your own thoughts and asking for a table for one can take some getting used to, but you’ll relax and learn to love it. 

Self-care rituals are a great way to fill the quieter moments, whether that’s just putting on your favourite music, doing some yoga or indulging in an extra long post-sunbathe. But if socialising is your thing – there’s plenty of ways to do this too.


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The Cycladic islands are very popular with young people, so chances are you won’t be the only solo-traveller around. Hostels are perhaps the easiest way to meet other solo-travellers, but if you’re more of a boutique hotel girl like me, you can always just swing by the hostel bar! The islands are also home to many beautiful spots in and around the coasts so taking a boat trip or two is an absolute must.

Joining a group tour is another easy way to meet people – I met some lovely guys from France on my day trip to Antiparos, friendships can form quickly over beautiful views, warm sunshine and a few beers! The same goes for group walking tours (which are free in most places) or even a bar crawl if you’re looking for new friends to have a party with. And lastly, don’t forget the power of social media, I became friends with some lovely girls on this trip through Instagram! But there’s a whole host of apps and Facebook groups connecting solo-travellers and digital nomads – be sure to search the ones around your destination before your trip. 


The Greek Islands probably feel like one of the safest places I’ve travelled to alone. The locals are super helpful and welcoming, the crime rate is extremely low and I haven’t encountered any issues throughout my entire time here. That being said, it’s always good to keep your wits about you as a solo-travelling female and there’s a few things I routinely do on solo trips. I suss out the taxi situation on the first day, and in the Cycladic islands the driver will usually leave you with a business card and it’s good to have this on hand with some cash ready for whenever you might need one! I have a ‘find my friends’ app on constantly when I’m travelling just so family or friends always have access to my whereabouts if needed. Make sure your phone is always backed up to the cloud and travel insurance is definitely an absolute must.


Travelling alone is quite a special experience, so don’t forget to be fully present in your surroundings and soak it all in. Keeping a travel journal is one of the loveliest ways to retain your solo-travel memories and are always great to look back on, and of course taking plenty of pics for the ‘gram. 

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