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The dangers of fast fashion

Sustainability is extremely important to us as a brand and we take our responsibility to the environment very seriously. We are conscious of the extent of the environmental impact of fashion production and believe it’s our responsibility to ensure that our styles are produced in an ethical manner from sustainable materials.

The term fast-fashion has gained in popularity over the last few years. With the rise in consumer demand for the latest trend, fast-fashion brands have become in high-demand. These brands are built around models that incentivise consumers to purchase multiple cheap styles that they wear once or twice. Unfortunately, many consumers don’t realise the devastating impact fuelling the fast-fashion industry has on the environment. For example, Business Insider reports that 85% of textiles end up in landfill each year, clothing production has doubled since 2000 and consumers purchased 60% more garments in 2014 than 2000 but kept them for half as long.

The extent of the damage is often surprising to people, shockingly, 10% of all carbon emissions are produced by the fashion industry and it’s the second largest consumer of the world’s water supply. We believe it is imperative that brands take responsibility for improving their sustainability practices.


We also know it can be difficult to know how to shop sustainably, so we’ve put together a few tips for you to incorporate into your shopping habits so you can make a more conscious buying decision:


Do your research & buy from brands who share your values

Most brands who engage in sustainability practices won’t be afraid to share their policies publicly. Look out for the materials they use, their emphasis on sustainable practices on their ‘about us’ page and on their social media accounts.


Focus on Quality over Quantity

Whilst fast-fashion may make shopping appear more affordable, this can actually be a misleading notion since many fast-fashion brands create their pieces from cheap materials which do not last as long as garments from more sustainable, premium quality brands. Investing in fewer, better quality pieces will significantly reduce your contribution to damaging effects of overconsumption and supporting the fast-fashion industry. After a few seasons, you’ll have a high-quality, sustainable wardrobe to be proud of!


Look after your Clothes so they Last Longer

Follow brands care instructions to ensure your clothes last as long as possible. This might include laying them flat to dry rather than tumble drying or using the recommended washing settings. It’s also handy having a good tailor in your contacts list - sometimes the smallest alteration is needed to prolong the life of your favourite piece!

Our swimwear is made from regenerated plastic from landfill and oceans around the world. We focus on producing Limited Edition collections where we produce a limited quantity of styles to ensure the exclusivity of our collections whilst avoiding the risk of overproduction. We select our partners carefully based on their ethical standards, our Bali-based manufacturer pays their workers twice the minimum wage, 13 months of the year to allow them to support various cultural holidays. Ultimately, we believe that style shouldn’t have to come at the cost of sustainability and we’re committed to enabling you to shop consciously and feel good about your purchase.

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