Introducing our chosen charities

Being able to ‘give back’ in as many ways as we possibly can is really important to us and we’ve been looking into how to incorporate these elements into our brand. We’ve been brainstorming ideas around how we can work with more charities, give back to our home in Bali and aligning ourselves with more causes we care about to help raise awareness of things we think are important to be informed about. It’s been amazing working on bringing these elements into our brand and we’re so excited to launch it and share it with you all!

We have identified three causes that are close to our hearts to focus on over the next year. They are:

  1. Helping Vulnerable Women & Girls in Bali
  2. Gender Equality
  3. Equality for LGBTQ

When it comes to helping each case, we believe it’s important to help financially and by raising awareness. We’ve carefully selected three charities which we believe are doing incredible work for each cause. We’ll be donating 5% of sales proceeds from your orders to charity and we’ll be giving you the choice of which charity you want the money to go to by selecting from a drop-down list at checkout. We felt strongly about involving you in the decision around where the money was going and this way we can understand which causes are most important to you.

The charities we have selected are:

Helping Vulnerable Women & Girls in Bali

Charity: Bali Street Mums

Our beloved Bali - the place we call home. Despite Bali’s reputation as paradise and it’s huge tourism sector, there are still roughly 25 million people in Indonesia living below the poverty line. There are many challenges to survival for Balinese women and children, with many facing issues such as high unemployment, little to no education, infant mortality, malnutrition and the threat of trafficking and forced prostitution. Our chosen charity, Bali Street Mums gives many women and children a chance at a better quality of life. 

Gender Equality

Charity: Equality Now

Gender inequality is something extremely close to our hearts. Wouldn’t it be amazing to live in a world where a little girl and a little boy are born with equal rights and opportunities? Sadly, in much of the world, laws are not set to benefit genders equally. Our chosen charity, Equality Now, are doing incredible work to change that by defending victims of horrific crimes like Female Gender Mutilation (FGM), sex trafficking and forced child marriages. 

Equality for LGBTQ

Charity: Microrainbow

We were shocked to learn that in 76 countries, homosexuality is illegal. Imagine being criminalised - purely based on who you love. Around 1,500 LGBTQ refugees from these countries come to the UK every year. Sadly because of their sexuality, they are often still not safe when they arrive in the UK. Our chosen charity, Microrainbow transforms many of these vulnerable people’s lives with their amazing work. 

We also believe education and staying informed is extremely important, this is why we’ve decided to put the spotlight on a cause each quarter where we’ll be raising awareness about each cause on our website and through social media, starting with our Bali charity next month.

Bali has been impacted dramatically by the loss of tourism income due to COVID19. Many local people have lost jobs and are struggling to feed their families. Due to the urgent need for help, we decided to start with our Bali charity as the first cause we’ll be highlighting so look out for more information next month!

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