Suzie talks remote working

It’s 2016, I leave my flat in London at 8am ready to hit a sweaty tube on my commute to my banking job in Canary Wharf. 

Eugh delays again. Whyyyy!

I grab a tea from Starbucks on the way to the 18th floor and arrive at my desk to start my day. I sit at least 20 metres from the nearest window and spend my day in my little cubicle speaking with clients and getting on with the day’s tasks. 

Working in banking is extremely high pressured and fast-paced, which made it super exciting to work in. What I didn’t love though, was the fact that I was stuck, confined to this little space in the office every single day. I couldn’t understand why facetime was so important, with today’s tech, why couldn’t we work from home more often? Or perhaps visit another office in another country and work from there?

Fast forward to today and I wake up in my villa in Bali at 6am, have cuddles with our Bali rescue pup and hop on my moped to my gym class before I start my remote job for Ode & Rae.

Working remotely brings me a sense of reclaiming my life back. I can focus clearly on the key priorities of the business whilst working in a way that maximizes my productivity. We all work best in different ways, at different times and in different environments so it doesn’t make sense for us all to be confined to one place all of the time.

My next decision is which cafe shall I work in today?! 

I drive to one of my current faves; Zin cafe - a coworking space in Canggu, surrounded by beautiful palm trees. I order a tea (a British habit I can’t shake) and their infamous banana bread, open my laptop and start work for the day. 

I spend my day speaking with our lovely customers, our fulfilment partners and perhaps a call with the team. Renee our Founder is currently in Australia and Lucia in the UK so our team calls are always done remotely - Zoom makes this super easy and we’re all such good friends so it’s lovely to see their faces!

Working remotely allows us to tap into what works uniquely for us. Personally, I love variety, being able to work from different coffee shops adds a little bit of adventure to my day, being able to explore and discover amazing new places.

I’ll take a break for lunch to lie by the pool, a little thing that seems so surreal when I think back to my office job in the UK before getting back to my laptop for the afternoon’s work.

I’ll meet a friend and take my pup for a beach walk at sunset. Then I may check in with work in the evening for anything I need to finish off. 

Something I really value about remote work is being able to schedule my day as I want to. If I want to work in the evening but take some time out in the day to take a yoga class, I can. This kind of freedom is really important to me and makes a huge difference to my wellbeing and productivity.

Startup life is exhilarating, challenging and rewarding all at the same time! I love the responsibility I have when I compare myself being one of three vs one of 250,000 at my corporate job. The learning curve is steep but it’s amazing how much you are able to learn and grow when you are responsible for so many areas of the business and there isn’t a team to rely on for different functions.

It’s also really special to be able to work for a brand I used to buy from in the UK. I have a genuine love for the brand and the products, this passion combined with the freedom to learn, grow and work remotely in paradise makes for a pretty amazing combination.

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