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 Beginning August 2020, Ode & Rae are committing to contributing to a number of charities close to our hearts. At checkout you will have the option to choose which charity you would like your contribution to go to (don't worry it doesn't cost you any extra, we pay this on your behalf). All 4 charities will be sent the customer allocated contribution on a quarterly basis. 

On top of this we will also be releasing limited edition collections each quarter in line with one specific charity from the list. The charitable proceeds from the limited edition collections will go directly to the relevant charity for that quarter.

You can read a little about the movements and charities we are supporting below. 

Q1: Gender Inequality - Equality Now

Gender inequality is something extremely close to our hearts. Wouldn’t it be amazing to live in a world where a little girl and a little boy are born with equal rights and opportunities? Sadly, in much of the world, laws are not set to benefit genders equally. Our chosen charity, Equality Now, are doing incredible work to change that by defending victims of horrific crimes like Female Gender Mutilation (FGM), sex trafficking and forced child marriages. READ MORE...

Q2: LGBTQ - Microrainbow

We were shocked to learn that in 76 countries, homosexuality is illegal. Imagine being criminalised - purely based on who you love. Around 1,500 LGBTQ refugees from these countries come to the UK every year. Sadly because of their sexuality, they are often still not safe when they arrive in the UK. Our chosen charity, Microrainbow transforms many of these vulnerable people’s lives with their amazing work. READ MORE...

Q3: Bali Street Mums Project

Our beloved Bali - the place we call home. Despite Bali’s reputation as paradise and it’s huge tourism sector, there are still roughly 25 million people in Indonesia living below the poverty line. There are many challenges to survival for Balinese women and children, with many facing issues such as high unemployment, little to no education, infant mortality, malnutrition and the threat of trafficking and forced prostitution. Our chosen charity, Bali Street Mums gives many women and children a chance at a better quality of life. READ MORE…


Q4: Black Lives Matter

Everyone deserves a fair chance at justice. The death of George Floyd recently saw a well overdue focus from society on the Black Lives Matter movement and highlighted the extent of systemic inequalities with regards to race throughout the world. The Black Lives Matter movement is doing some incredible things and it’s a cause we feel strongly about supporting. READ MORE...

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